Retconning #3: Severed

This episode was previously recorded on Anchor where we talked about the amazing DrinkBox Studios Game, Severed, which places the player in a colorful 3-D, first-person, Metroidvania, sword-and-magic combat world.

yorick and his pet monkey

Retconning #2 – Y: The Last Man

Josh discusses Brian K. Vaughn’s (Lost, Saga, Ex Machina, Runaways) comic series “Y: The Last Man.” Listen to find out why even people who don’t traditionally enjoy comic books might like this one!

main face of velocity character

The 25 PlayStation Vita Games that Prove You Should’ve Bought One

Despite rumors of its death, the Playstation Vita is going strong. It never quite succeeded in the way Sony hoped, much of the blame for which can be placed on expensive proprietary memory cards, ineffective marketing and too-little too-late Remote Play integration with the Playstation 4. Yet, the system represents the pinnacle of handheld hardware and continues to be a hotbed for wonderful indie games and quirky Japanese ports.