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The World Map podcast, Episode 010 “Top 10 Best Games of All Time”

Wow! Our epic 10th episode is already here! (OK, 11th if you count episode zero.) The episode starts off with some PlayStation Vita love (yes, there are still games for it), including quickfire reviews of Entwined, MouseCraft and Geometry Wars 3. The guys also talk about some of the Resogun DLC, which sounds very fun. Then, […]

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The World Map podcast, Episode 009 “Dogs More Popular than Wii U”

The show starts with Josh’s ranting about Sony’s ridiculous PSN policies that you need to know. Josh, Clark and Nick talk about the awesome new interrogation search-engine indie game, “Her Story,” as well as Blizzard’s new add-ons for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Additionally, there’s Splatoon’s new content to discuss (including a dogs vs. […]

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The World Map podcast, Episode 008: “AT-AT or AT-AT?”

Josh and Clark open the show with the question that’s baffled Star Wars fans for ages, “Is it AT-AT or AT-AT?” Then they talk about what they’ve been playing, including the mess that is DriveClub PS Plus Edition, alternate history Cold War game CounterSpy and some classics such as Sim City 2000 and Earthbound. This […]

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The World Map podcast, Episode 007: “E3 of Fantasy”

On this week’s show, Josh, Clark and Nick talk about some things they’ve been playing lately and then jump into all the post-E3 2015 action! This is your official E3 debriefing, covering off on the best and worst of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. The guys crown a game of show and decide which of the […]

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The World Map podcast, Episode 006: “Kirby Hadoukens”

On this week’s show, Josh, Clark and Nick have all your E3 hype in addition to the segments you love such as “Whatcha Playin’?” and “We Have Hobbies.” We talk about: Super Exploding Zoo Far Cry 4 Futuridium Hotline Miami 2 Papers, Please Electronic Super Joy: Groove City Smash Bros. DLC Hyrule Warriors Splatoon Contra […]

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The World Map podcast episode 004: “Mickey Mouse Meatballs”

On this week’s show, Josh and Clark discuss: Magicka 2 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Mario Kart 8 Hohokum Geometry Wars 3 They also lament the demise of local multiplayer, hate on Nintendo and Sony E3 events, and theorize about the right price point for Oculus Rift. In nongaming, they talk about American Sniper […]

The World Map podcast Episode 003: “HotS Dogs”

This week on the show, we do talk about which hot dog is best and Heroes of the Storm. But that’s not all! We adventure to the Himalayas in Far Cry, complain about Smash Bros.’ level 9 difficulty and determine that Destiny is finally a decent game now that we’ve forced ourselves to like it […]

The World Map podcast: Episode 002

Whatcha playin? Ether One Assassin’s Creed Liberation multiplayer Toren Helldivers: Turning up the Heat expansion Marvel Heroes 2015 HotS update (because you know we’ll talk about it — Thrall, new mage guy, Sgt. Hammer, Jaina, etc.) I’m So Excited VR headsets – FB Oculus, PS Morpheus, HTCVive, MS Hololens, etc. News Motorcycle Bloodstained: Ritual of […]

The World Map podcast: Episode 001

If you missed the live Hangout and would like to watch the uncut video without bumpers, visit YouTube channel “JDisasoldier.” Otherwise, you can download/play the full podcast here or subscribe on iTunes. Please, give us a 5-star review if you like the show. We want your feedback! Email feedback to joshuadelung [at] gmail [dot] com. […]