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A little something for nerds of every flavor, size, shape and color!

At The World Map Podcast Network (TWMPN), we’re dedicated to bringing our fans the content they love most. That’s why we’ve used data analytics to determine what content has been downloaded and shared the most in order to create a series of podcasts based on the subjects for which you’ve demonstrated affinity. Some of these shows are new to our network and currently in production with publish dates in the future.

Check out Episodes & Articles for the latest episodes of each of the shows below in our feed, plus written articles.

  • The World Map Podcast
    • The show that started it all. Topical conversations about anything on the map in this world of nerdery, often video games, new tech, tabletop games, movies, audiobooks or comic books.
    • Guests include other podcasters, indie game devs, industry players, comedians and more.
  • Map Key
  • Retconning
    • We revisit an older video game, book, movie, comic book, etc., that you may have missed. Listen to this show to discover hidden gems!
  • Whillscast
    • Just as George Lucas chronicled what would become Star Wars in The Journal of the Whills, this show chronicles discussion of Star Wars movies, shows, books, news and more.