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The World Map podcast, Episode 019 “Destiny Has Content Now?”

After a week off, the guys are back to talk about games, nerd news, movie and book reviews and more! Discussed on this week’s show: Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, PC and developer news from TGS and elsewhere — plus, what we think of Nintendo’s new president! Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (3DS) Super Mario Maker (Wii […]

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The World Map podcast, Episode 012 “Clark-io is Missing”

Josh’s true story of how to get $147 off MSRP for an Xbox One bundle. PLUS: More Rocket League stories Why does everyone like Journey, anyway? Prepping for Super Smash-Con! Destiny, Hearthstone, Tomb Raider and — Jamie Lee Curtis?! — news Star Wars audiobook review, “Lords of the Sith” Thanks so much to all the members of […]